zero21 Acceleration Batch IV

For everyone who really wants to get off to a flying start. One-on-one mentoring and lots of benefits that will advance you and your business and help you to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.



per Startup excl. MwSt. 
Bring your business idea
to the next level.
Benefits worth up to €10,000

Duration: February 2024 - June 2024


Experience the Power:
zero21 Acceleration Program

The zero21 Acceleration Program opens the door to a realm of opportunities meticulously crafted to propel your startup toward success. From our enriching events to dynamic spaces and an array of business and lifestyle benefits, your Acceleration Membership acts as an ever-evolving toolkit meticulously customized to complement your growth journey.

The program spans from February 2024 to June 2024, preparing you to transition into a distinguished zero21 alumni membership.

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    Acceleration Program Benefits

    Master Classes

    Join more than 10 comprehensive master classes to expand your expertise and skills.

    Fireside Insights

    Engage in 3 Fireside chats with successful entrepreneurs, gaining valuable insights.

    Funding & Investment

    Get funding from variaty of sources like Crowdfunding, Corwdinvesting, Business Angels.

    Tailored Guidance

    Experience personalized 1:1 meetings and receive invaluable feedback from seasoned business angels.

    Lifelong Network

    Cultivate lifelong connections within our extensive network of innovators and industry professionals.

    Demo Day Spotlight

    Secure your spot for the demo day and showcase your startup's potential.

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