After this masterclass our startups will: 

  • know how to build the right segments with an ideal customer profiling, so you can easily target them
  • can identify the buying persona and have a deep understanding of their needs
  • understand the different stakeholders in the process and how to cover them
  • gain understanding on gathering customer insights and how to address the right problems

Stephanie Biebel – Founder | Business Biebel

Stephanie has not only 20 years of experience in marketing and sales but also accelerated the growth of two well-known start-ups Content Garden Technologies and WeAreDevelopers as Director of Business Development. She knows best what is key to building a sustainable business avoiding all common mistakes. Currently, she is starting her own first company called Business Biebel to enable founders and leaders to turn their vision into reality.
Join this founder-to-founder masterclass and get ready to accelerate your business and build sustainable growth!
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