TypeDev Tech­no­lo­gies GmbH

Engineering efficiency, technical proficiency and artistic splendour

Every company has needs, challenges, and opportunities that can be addressed optimally through the
correct software solutions. As master software crafters with many years of cross-industry experience,
{type}DEV has the expertise to conceive and deploy the software solution that’s best for your business.

We believe in forging a mastery in everything we do and understand the importance of engineering
efficiency, technical proficiency, and artistic splendour. We regard software as our passionate craft and
strive to achieve an unparalleled level of mastery while providing each of our clients with the premium
service they deserve.

We offer a variety of tailored packages based on your requirements:
o The “Entrepreneurship Package” caters specifically to startups that need a quick app or website
deployed to the market to validate their business model.
o Our “UX Journey Package” provides an in-depth analysis of your product whilst providing you
with user experience designs optimised for your target audience.
o Our “Custom Development Package” equips you with outsourced software development skills at

your required levels. This reduces the cost of permanent employees and social security. Due to
the favourable exchange rate with South Africa, this also allows you to gain access to more senior
development resources at better rates. Lastly, you bypass the barriers associated with
employment restrictions.
Regardless of the package you choose, we look forward to embarking on the journey with you to take
the first steps in making your dream a reality.

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