The “Lean Startup Strategy – Building Success with Efficiency” workshop we will dive into the transformative principles of the Lean Startup methodology. Tobias Göllner will guide us on a journey to discover how to efficiently identify customer needs, build Minimum Viable Products, and make data-driven decisions.


Tobias is an entrepreneur, product & service developer and experience designer. His company SHIFT11 helps organizations create lovable experiences for their customers, employees, stakeholders and more. Tobias teaches experience design & lean innovation at FH Hagenberg and at the New Design University.



  • Welcome and introduction to Tobias Göllner, the workshop facilitator
  • Overview of the Lean Startup methodology and its significance in today’s business landscape

Session 1: Understanding Lean Startup Principles

  • Explaining the core principles of Lean Startup
  • Discussing the importance of validated learning, rapid experimentation, and iterative development
  • Highlighting real-world success stories from companies that have embraced Lean Startup

Session 2: Identifying Customer Needs

  • Emphasizing the role of customer discovery in Lean Startup
  • Techniques for effectively identifying customer pain points and needs
  • How to create and validate customer personas

Session 3: Building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

  • Defining what an MVP is and why it’s crucial
  • Strategies for creating and testing MVPs quickly and efficiently

Session 4: Measuring and Learning

  • Discussing the importance of data-driven decision-making
  • How to set and track key metrics
  • Using feedback and metrics to make informed pivots or persevering decisions

Session 5: Scaling and Growth

  • Transitioning from MVP to full-scale product development
  • Strategies for scaling your business while maintaining Lean principles
  • Case studies of companies that successfully scaled using Lean Startup

Q&A and Discussion

  • Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion
  • Sharing insights and experiences among attendees