The “Tax & Accounting: Navigate the Complexities of Tax and Accounting in the Startup World” workshop we will unravel the intricacies of tax and accounting specifically tailored to the dynamic startup environment. Sound financial management is crucial for every startup’s success, and understanding tax regulations and accounting practices is key to making informed decisions. Our workshop facilitator will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you navigate these complexities effectively.


Florian Petrikovics is a tax consultant and partner at TPA. With a strong focus on areas such as real estate, corporate taxation, and private foundation tax law, he possesses a deep expertise in asset tokenization. Florian’s extensive knowledge and experience in these domains make him a trusted advisor, particularly to real estate corporations, corporate groups, private foundations, and high-net-worth individuals. He is also a certified financial criminal law expert, a prolific author in his field, and a sought-after speaker, further solidifying his reputation as a leading authority in taxation and financial matters.


Session 2: Tax Essentials for Startups

  • Navigating the tax obligations specific to startups
  • Strategies for optimizing tax benefits and incentives
  • Common tax pitfalls and how to avoid them

Session 3: Accounting for Startup Success

  • Setting up effective accounting systems for startups
  • Key financial statements and their importance
  • Best practices for managing cash flow and budgeting

Session 4: Compliance and Regulatory Framework

  • Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • The role of accounting standards and reporting requirements
  • Mitigating legal and financial risks

Session 5: Q&A and Discussion

  • Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion
  • Sharing insights and experiences among attendees