The “Effective Campaigning – Craft Compelling Campaigns to Engage Your Audience” workshop designed to empower you with the skills to create captivating campaigns that truly connect with your audience. In today’s crowded marketing landscape, the ability to craft compelling messages and choose the right channels is paramount. Our workshop facilitator will guide you through the essential steps to success in campaign planning and execution.


Nelson Inno, born in El Salvador, is a committed innovation enthusiast with expertise in creating and developing new products, services, and digital experiences in multiple industries. Nowadays, he is well-known for being an entrepreneur in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He founded weSpark, the innovation agency dedicated to solving big, complex, unsolved problems, by designing impactful & unique innovation methods to tackle any challenge. One outstanding characteristic of Nelson is that he’s not bounded by any business rules or common social constructs; he believes that one can accomplish what one wants in life by only following a strong set of principles such as “always add value to your fellows”, “dedicate your time to what’s important only”, “don’t forget where you come from”, between others.



  • Welcome and introduction to the workshop
  • Overview of the importance of effective campaigning in today’s competitive landscape
  • Introduction to the workshop facilitator

Session 1: Understanding Your Audience

  • The significance of audience analysis in campaign planning
  • Techniques for defining target demographics and psychographics
  • Strategies for creating buyer personas and understanding their pain points and motivations

Session 2: Setting Clear Objectives

  • Defining SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) campaign objectives
  • The link between objectives and campaign success
  • Real-world examples of effective campaign objectives

Session 3: Crafting Compelling Messages

  • The art of storytelling in campaigning
  • Creating messages that resonate with your audience
  • Techniques for crafting memorable and impactful campaign slogans and content

Session 4: Choosing the Right Channels

  • Evaluating various campaign channels (social media, email, print, etc.)
  • Selecting the most effective channels based on your target audience and campaign objectives
  • Discussing multichannel and omnichannel approaches

Session 5: Implementing and Measuring

  • Executing your campaign effectively
  • Setting up key performance indicators (KPIs) for campaign success
  • Tools and techniques for measuring and analyzing campaign performance

Q&A and Discussion

  • Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion
  • Sharing insights and experiences among attendees