About this masterclass:
startups will get insights into strategic failure management by making failure a tool to avoid it, which will turn out to be one of the most beneficial and easy to apply methods on your growth journey ahead.

Katinka Weber – Senior Global Program Manager | Butchershop

Having worked with large corporations like Daimler, Star Alliance, and VIG as well as scale-up startups from around the globe at Plug and Play, Katinka obtained a solid sense of market needs, successful business models, go-to-market strategies, and criteria for the right investor. At Butchershop she implements her learnings over the past years – which is to build and lead your company with a failure mindset. She is convinced that the “approach” to business makes up 1/3 of your business’ success, next to the level of innovation and your organisational procedures. The approach of the future is not KPIs only but asking the question “What would cause this (company, business plan, timeline, partnership, to fail?”