Welcome to the “Organic Finance Workshop,” a unique session designed to explore sustainable and innovative approaches to finance, with a focus on growth-oriented strategies.


Paul Pöltner is a co-founder of Guiding Innovators and SimplyTokenized. He serves as the Chairman of the Digital Asset Association Austria and has previously been involved in the founding and leadership of various organizations related to alternative financing instruments in Europe. Until 2019, he held the position of Chair of the Expert Committee for Crowdfunding Platforms at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the European Equity Crowdfunding Association.


Session 1: Understanding Organic Finance

  • Exploring the concept of organic finance
  • Differentiating organic finance from traditional finance
  • Identifying the core principles of sustainable financial growth

Session 2: Building a Foundation for Organic Finance

  • Cultivating financial resilience and stability
  • Balancing short-term needs with long-term goals
  • Incorporating ethical and environmental considerations into financial decision-making

Session 3: Tools and Techniques of Organic Finance

  • Exploring alternative financing methods
  • Leveraging technology for sustainable finance
  • Case studies of successful organic finance strategies

Session 4: Interactive Group Exercise

  • Participants briefly brainstorm and develop organic finance strategies for a specific scenario

Session 5: Q&A and Discussion

  • Participants have a short opportunity to ask questions and engage in a brief discussion with Paul Pöltner
  • Exploring practical applications of organic finance principles